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A while back I wrote a post called my favorite web services Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription, , and I thought I would revisit it in the spirit of end-of-the-year (or decade I suppose) lists. However, the notion of "web" services has gotten blurrier and blurrier, Skelaxin australia, uk, us, usa, so this time I decided to make this list more generally about my digital life and the various tools I use. Skelaxin alternatives,

New since the last round...

: I once called this the best free application there is, and I'll stand by that. I use it for everything imaginable, order Skelaxin no prescription. I take snapshots of whiteboards at work and save them in Evernote, Skelaxin recreational, and they become searchable. I use the iPhone app on the bus to quickly jot down the little ideas and inspirations I have, Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription. I do the same while driving, except I use the voice note feature, Skelaxin duration. I forward useful emails - or snippets of emails - from local mailing lists like Urban Daddy and K & L Wines to my Evernote email alias. Skelaxin steet value, And lots lots more. I can't believe all of this costs me nothing.

Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription, : I work with a user experience designer who's based in Israel and a development team based in Romania, and Dropbox has become absolutely essential to me. I keep all my current projects in a Dropbox folder on my Mac, Skelaxin from canadian pharmacy, which looks and behaves like any other local folder except that it syncs with a folder on the Dropbox website, Skelaxin dosage, plus a folder on my Israeli colleague's computer, and one on my home computer, one on my iPhone, discount Skelaxin, etc. Skelaxin pictures, So I'll work on a file during my workday, and - with the time difference - my colleague in Israel takes over after I leave for the day. We can do this without changing our normal way of working, cheap Skelaxin no rx.

: A basic to-do list app for Mac (desktop) and iPhone. I haven't found the perfect to-do list manager yet - they're either over-engineered or overly simplistic - but Things is pretty good, Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription. Order Skelaxin online overnight delivery no prescription, M1Uu3MXnGd4ymx185Ne4deV5_r1_500-150x150
: One of those ideas that's so simple, it's amazing that no one did it before. Then again, canada, mexico, india, its utility is very narrow and specific. Skelaxin reviews, I use it like this: I read my twitters on the bus ride to work, over a spotty 3G connection. Within any given tweet I might see a link to something that sounds interesting, Skelaxin natural. Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription, I usually don't want to read web pages on the bus, on my phone because of the slow connection, and also because I want to get through a day's worth of my friends' tweets in 40 minutes. So I just send the interesting links to Instapaper where they wait for me to read them later. Rx free Skelaxin, Twitter_logo
: I kept my distance from Twitter for a while and dismissed it as something that seemed trival, noisy and pointless. I was wrong, Skelaxin used for, and I admit it. Skelaxin from mexico, facebook_logo
: I've changed my tune about Facebook too. Now that no one seems to "poke" me much anymore, and I'm not constantly being challenged to quizzes, I find myself spending a lot more time on Facebook, Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription. I use it mainly for the news feed - to stay connected with friends.

Still awesome...

: I use Google for pretty much everything now it seems, where can i buy cheapest Skelaxin online. Just today, Skelaxin description, we were ordering prints of some photos from Shutterfly Smug Mug, and we had a choice of matte, glossy and something called "lustre." Unable to find a definition on the Shutterfly website, Skelaxin wiki, my wife asked me, Australia, uk, us, usa, "What's 'lustre?'" So I Googled 'matte vs. glossy vs. Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription, lustre' and immediately found the answer in the first search result. If a piece of information exists, buy Skelaxin without a prescription, then you can be pretty sure that someone has put it on a website somewhere, Skelaxin without a prescription, and Google can take you right to it. That is all.

Google Groups
: This was essential during our wedding planning last year, Skelaxin without prescription. The members of our group included me, Buy no prescription Skelaxin online, my wife (then fiancee) and a couple of family members who were helping us with the planning. Whenever one of us would email one of our vendors, we would CC our Google Group's email alias (groupname@googlegroups.com), and everyone in the group would receive a copy of the email, Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription. More importantly, the whole thread was recorded and available to all of us on the web, generic Skelaxin.

G Reader
: Blogs are supposedly on their way out (I don't see it), Skelaxin no prescription, but G Reader is still a big part of my daily web travels.

: I use Twitter and G Reader to discover things. I send the good things to Instapaper, where can i find Skelaxin online, which is kind of like short term memory. Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription, Delicious, then, is like long term memory. My Skelaxin experience, If something seems good enough that I think I might want to refer back to it a year from now, or share it with someone down the road, then I save it as a Delicious bookmark, where to buy Skelaxin.

: It's just an amazing blogging platform. Online buy Skelaxin without a prescription, This year I customized a new theme. I also added Facebook Connect login, plus social sharing (at the bottom of each post), buy Skelaxin no prescription, related posts (in my RSS feed only), Taking Skelaxin, Google Sitemaps support, and more. Each of these things took me about 10 minutes, thanks to the community of Wordpress devotees out there making the platform better and better every day, Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription.

Yahoo Pipes
: I use it mostly to aggregate and filter RSS feeds, Skelaxin blogs, which I can then consume or republish. Check out my Bay Area food events Twitter feed to see an example: FoodFeed SF. It's made up of a dozen or so RSS feeds, aggregated and filtered (to remove duplicates and irrelevant posts) then sent to Twitter via Twitterfeed.

: I use it to keep my local address book and calendars synced with Gmail and my iPhone. Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription, Love it.

: Great music a click away, and the iPhone app is awesome too. I hook it up to my stereo and rock out. Also a great place to discover new artists.

: I rarely contribute anymore, but I still use Yelp all the time - especially the iPhone app. It's effectively my Yellow Pages to San Francisco, Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription. I can find things near me, read reviews and then call businesses with one click.

Standing by...

: I love the idea of Foursquare, but I haven't carved out the time to start using it. I've been known to dis it and dismiss it like I once did with Twitter and Facebook, but I don't want to eat my words again, so I'll just say it hasn't found its place in my digital life yet.

Also, tumblr, posterous, ommwriter

Awesome but not for me...

12 Seconds
: I'm using this as an example, but I could just as easily use Ustream, Qik, Blip, YouTube or even my own employer - Kyte. Buy Skelaxin Without Prescription, Online video has arrived, and there are a lot of amazing tools out there. The mobile apps are especially exciting to me. I'm just not really a video guy. I don't like to talk into a webcam or see myself on the screen. Just too introverted I guess.

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Picture 2 Buy Ditropan Without Prescription, I suppose I could create a bridge between them, but sometimes it's fun to just watch. Comprar en línea Ditropan, comprar Ditropan baratos. Where can i buy cheapest Ditropan online. Ditropan dangers. Purchase Ditropan. Ditropan recreational. Ditropan over the counter. Purchase Ditropan online no prescription. Kjøpe Ditropan på nett, köpa Ditropan online. Where to buy Ditropan. Buy no prescription Ditropan online. About Ditropan. After Ditropan. Doses Ditropan work. Purchase Ditropan online. Real brand Ditropan online. Ditropan class. Ditropan use. What is Ditropan. Where can i order Ditropan without prescription. Ditropan alternatives. Where can i buy Ditropan online. Ditropan long term. Ditropan from canadian pharmacy. Ditropan treatment. Ditropan dosage. Online buy Ditropan without a prescription. Online Ditropan without a prescription. Ditropan online cod. Ditropan from mexico. Buy Ditropan without a prescription. Online buying Ditropan hcl. Buy Ditropan online no prescription. Ditropan images. Is Ditropan safe. Ditropan price, coupon.

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Buy Feldene Without Prescription, After holding out for a couple of years, I've become a full-on twitter convert. I wasn't avoiding twitter on principle or anything. I just couldn't understand why twitter was remotely interesting to anyone, order Feldene from United States pharmacy, or what it could possibly add to my life. Where can i find Feldene online, Now that I've been on board for little while, I don't get hung up on questions about twitter's mainstream-ness, cultural significance or cognitive side effects, Feldene images. I'm simply exploring, Buy Feldene from canada, and adopting the bits I find useful.

Recently, a few friends of mine have started twittering, and plenty others dismiss twitter like I once did, Buy Feldene Without Prescription. So - for the noobs who've been asking me for it - I thought I would write about some of the ways I use twitter, and - for the curmudgeons who have not asked - I'll start with a bit about why.., taking Feldene.

I use twitter to...

Keep tabs on real-life friends - Many of my friends are married, Feldene samples, or live far away, or they're busy people like me. In short, order Feldene online c.o.d, I don't get to see them as often as I want, Buy Feldene without a prescription, and even with email, communication tends to lapse. A fair number of them use twitter, online buying Feldene hcl, and I actually enjoy hearing about the small droll peaks of their day-to-day lives - from random observations to pithy opinions to parenting foibles.

Keep tabs on people I admire Buy Feldene Without Prescription, - For example, I like to read Nicholas Kristof's column in the New York Times. Discount Feldene, I admire his perspective and efforts on behalf of places like Darfur. But he's also on twitter, posting from the field about things as he experiences them, Feldene brand name. This kind of unfiltered stuff can be really compelling, Feldene recreational, depending on the source.

Get real-time information - A couple weeks ago a helicopter was circling above downtown San Francisco, near my office, purchase Feldene for sale. It appeared to be trying to land on the roof of a nearby building, Buy Feldene Without Prescription. This went on for what seemed like hours. Feldene natural, Medevac. A quick search revealed a consensus among twitterers that it was a TV shoot for Monk. Google can't do this, buy no prescription Feldene online. And when US Airways flight 1549 Buy Feldene Without Prescription, landed in the Hudson, I was on my lunch break from work. I happened to check my twitter feed, Feldene cost, and I heard about the dramatic crash landing there first. A variety of witness reports were rolling in in real time - many with cell-phone pictures. This isn't a substitute for actual journalism, Feldene overnight, but it provides an immediacy and a texture that complements it. Fast shipping Feldene, Follow my favorite blogs and news outlets - Some of my favorite blogs are on twitter, so instead of going to www.npr.com/money in my browser to read the Planet Money blog (and then doing the same for every other blog I like to read), I used to open up Google Reader a few times a day to scan the latest headlines across all my favorite sources, Feldene pics. But now that some of my favorite blogs are on twitter, their headlines and more are pushed to me in my twitter feed, Buy Feldene Without Prescription. I don't have to go anywhere unless there's a story I actually want to read. Feldene description, Discover new and interesting things - As with any venue where you congregate and chat with like-minded people, my twitter friends and their friends talk about the books and articles they're reading, the music they're listening to, order Feldene from mexican pharmacy, the products they use, Feldene over the counter, the shows they watch, etc. And when they tweet about these things, purchase Feldene online no prescription, they often include links. Generic Feldene, Update my Facebook status - I like the simplicity of twitter, and I prefer it to Facebook for doing all the things I mentioned above. Buy Feldene Without Prescription, More of my friends are on Facebook than twitter, however, so I still use both. Instead of updating my status in both places, online Feldene without a prescription, I use this little trick to synchronize my Facebook status with my twitter updates. Buy cheap Feldene no rx, What is twitter?

I was going to use the last bit of this post to talk about the ways I use various twitter features and tools, but I've just had a couple people ask me to explain the basic concept of twitter to them, so I'll save the "how" for a subsequent post, Feldene results.

Microblogging - Twitter is often referred to as a "microblogging" platform. Feldene alternatives, If a blog represents an easy way for anyone to post stuff on the web, then a microblog is simply a blog that limits the amount you can post at any one time. With twitter, the limit is 140 characters, Buy Feldene Without Prescription.

The basics - You can read what any person is saying on twitter by going to www.twitter.com/username (where "username" is the person whose updates you want to read, real brand Feldene online. For example, Feldene use, I'm metapede). You can also use twitter search to see what people on twitter have been saying about a particular topic over the last couple of months or so (it doesn't save anything older than that). Finally, low dose Feldene, you can see what everyone is saying on twitter by checking out the public timeline.

Following Buy Feldene Without Prescription, - This is really the heart of how twitter works. Purchase Feldene online, Once you sign up for your own twitter account, you can "follow" anyone whose updates you want to read, without their permission - as long as their account is not private, about Feldene. They will receive an email letting them know you are now following them. Feldene price, If they reciprocate, you will get an email too. This way, Feldene maximum dosage, you always know who's following you and reading your updates. When you visit someone's page on twitter, you can see a list of their followers, as well as the people they are following, Buy Feldene Without Prescription.

This is where twitter is fundamentally different from a social network like Facebook. On Facebook, relationships are two-way things. You request to add someone as a friend, and they need to accept your request before you can see each other's activity. On twitter, however, relationships can be asynchronous. Buy Feldene Without Prescription, For example, I can follow Times columnist Nicholas Kristof - along with thousands of other people who enjoy his column - but he doesn't have to follow everyone back.

Privacy - You can keep your twitter account private, which means people can't read your updates when they visit your page. They have to request to follow you, and you have to approve them. Your updates also won't show up in twitter search if your account is private.

Posting updates - Once you're signed up, you can post updates by going to twitter.com and typing in the box at the top of the page. You can also make updates by text message, once you enable this feature in your twitter settings, under "Devices." There are also twitter apps for iPhone and other devices, plus a variety of browser plugins and desktop apps. As for myself, I rarely visit twitter.com, opting instead to use the TwitterFon app on my iPhone.

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TwitterFonOn many occasions and even in a recent post Buy Celebrex Without Prescription, , I've said that I just don't get twitter. I was certain I didn't want to tune in to the minutiae of my friends' lives, Celebrex description, Is Celebrex safe, and I was not interested in sharing mine. A few short weeks later, Celebrex street price, Celebrex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I've totally changed my tune, and I can say that twitter is now one of my favorite games, where can i buy Celebrex online. Cheap Celebrex no rx, Yes, that's what I said, Celebrex pharmacy. Celebrex maximum dosage, I like the strange blend of personal and professional I find on twitter at any given moment, and in this respect, online buying Celebrex, Fast shipping Celebrex, twitter is somewhat unique. Blogs and other content and publishing vehicles (like magazines or television shows) do much better when they specialize - when they focus solely on, say, beer or esoteric music or bespoke tailoring, Buy Celebrex Without Prescription. Even when we consume blogs, ordering Celebrex online, Buy Celebrex from mexico, we tend to organize them - within RSS readers - into genres and categories. Other types of user-generated content - I'm thinking of forums and discussion boards (and Gmail) - are organized into threads, buy Celebrex no prescription. Where can i find Celebrex online, But the beauty of twitter is that it's neither specialized nor organized. At any given moment in the twitter stream from my friends, Celebrex steet value, Order Celebrex no prescription, I might see a quirky observation... Buy Celebrex Without Prescription, next to a plea for support... next to a bit of self-promotion.., buying Celebrex online over the counter. Discount Celebrex, and so on. Even the stream of tweets from any individual friend will span all these flavors and more over the course of a day or two, purchase Celebrex online. Buy cheap Celebrex, This variety gives twitter a game-like quality in the sense that there's always the possibility (but never a guarantee) of surprise and delight - a textbook example of a random reward schedule. This is a well-known concept in gambling and game design (as discussed here, here and here), and it's what keeps people coming back for more, Buy Celebrex Without Prescription. Basically, herbal Celebrex, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, there are a few different "schedules" a game or other activity can apply in the way it rewards players:

  • Fixed interval: Reward players every X minutes/seconds

  • Variable interval: Randomly reward players, but with an average interval of X minutes/seconds

  • Fixed ratio: Reward players after every X responses

  • Variable ratio: Randomly reward players, after Celebrex, Celebrex photos, but with an average trigger of X responses

As you can see from this graph, the variable ratio schedule is by far the most effective:


When it comes to simply consuming the stream of tweets, about Celebrex, Online Celebrex without a prescription, you could argue that twitter applies either (or both) of the variable schedules, but when you start to interact with the stream it's clearly variable ratio, Celebrex mg. Buy Celebrex without prescription, I'm officially hooked.

And thanks to TwitterFon, purchase Celebrex online no prescription, Celebrex dosage, twitter is with me all the time. I've become compulsive about checking it, order Celebrex from mexican pharmacy. Buy Celebrex Without Prescription, Incidentally, there are numerous twitter apps for iPhone, but none is as easy on the eyes or as fun to use as TwitterFon. Real brand Celebrex online, And recently, when the app was crashing (due to a JSON parsing issue on twitter), cheap Celebrex no rx, Celebrex images, the makers of the app issued freequent updates on their blog and via @twitterfon until it was fixed.

So I've gone from flirting to the first strains of a romance, effects of Celebrex. It's not a full-blown affair yet, because there are so many ways to use twitter, and I'm only scratching the surface. I tweet a couple times a day at most, which makes me a kind of twitter voyeur I suppose. I resolve to start tweeting more, although I never want to be as noisy as @guykawasaki (who I eventually stopped following because he posted almost as much as all my other followees combined) or @Scobleizer. And there are a lot of third-party twitter tools and add-ons I'm not using.

The only fancy thing I've done with it is to use twitterfeed to tweet my blog posts automatically (which might be how you got here).

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Buy Colchicine Without Prescription, No, I don't mean I've been flirting via twitter. Order Colchicine online c.o.d, It took me a long time to sign up for twitter. I just didn't get it, rx free Colchicine. Colchicine from canada, I didn't understand what it would add to my life. I'm not interested in knowing the moment-by-moment minutiae of my friends' lives, purchase Colchicine online no prescription, Cheap Colchicine, and I'm not interested in sharing mine. It already takes too much effort to sift through the daily noise, and I don't need to invite more, Buy Colchicine Without Prescription. Avoiding twitter made sense, Colchicine duration. Online buying Colchicine hcl, But lots of people whom I like and respect use twitter and regularly sing its praises. Some were incredulous that this web guy wasn't interested, Colchicine long term. Where can i order Colchicine without prescription, So, a few weeks ago, where can i find Colchicine online, Colchicine used for, I signed up. Buy Colchicine Without Prescription, I have to say I still don't get it. For me, Colchicine maximum dosage, Colchicine photos, twitter is like a headlines-only newspaper. As I scan each day's output from my friends, comprar en línea Colchicine, comprar Colchicine baratos, Buy Colchicine from mexico, there are one or two amusing or interesting tweets, but mostly it's noise, discount Colchicine. Colchicine wiki, They don't like Sarah Palin. Me neither, Colchicine forum. Who cares, Buy Colchicine Without Prescription. Colchicine blogs, They're drinking excellent coffee and enjoying the weather. Yawn, kjøpe Colchicine på nett, köpa Colchicine online. Colchicine recreational, Sorry guys, but I much prefer real conversations, no prescription Colchicine online. Colchicine from mexico, It's definitely nothing personal. Buy Colchicine Without Prescription, I love all y'all. That's why I'm following you, Colchicine natural. Is Colchicine safe, In some ways, I like the good tweets less than the inane ones, Colchicine treatment. Purchase Colchicine for sale, A ten-word tidbit from my friend about his  son's antics at school might make me chuckle, but it's more satisfying to hear the whole story.., order Colchicine no prescription. Where can i buy Colchicine online, or nothing at all. I suppose one could argue that twitter is doing exactly what it's supposed to do in this example, by alerting me to a reason to contact my friend (to get the whole story etc, Buy Colchicine Without Prescription. etc.), buy Colchicine online no prescription. Colchicine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, And I'm probably being a poop by seeing this as noise I don't need.

Often there's a URL that goes along with a tweet, buy no prescription Colchicine online, Buy Colchicine without prescription, and more and more I find that I just scroll past everything else as fast as I can. These tweets lead me directly to the whole story, get Colchicine, Buy Colchicine no prescription, and they're where the headlines-only experience ends.

Having bitched, I will say there are signs I'm coming around. I may recant this whole post in a few weeks' time.

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Buy Celexa Without Prescription, As a user experience guy, one of the things I do for my job is try out every new web service that comes along. Most of them don't really stick, Ordering Celexa online, and some I avoid simply because of god-awful naming. I'm talking about you, Frrvrr, order Celexa from mexican pharmacy. Seriously, Celexa steet value, the Web 2.0 Company Name Generator could have done way better. Anyway, the following is the shortlist of the services I actually get value out of on an almost daily basis.., buy Celexa without a prescription.

del.icio.us logo del.icio.usThere's too much good stuff on the Internetz, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. I find a handful of things every day that I don't have time to read right away. Online buy Celexa without a prescription, I also read a lot of good stuff that I know I'll want to find later or refer back to. Enter del.icio.us. I must have a couple thousand URLs bookmarked in there now, taking Celexa, but I never have trouble finding them. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, The social component is a nice value-add, but del.icio.us would still be essential to my Internet survival without it. Rx free Celexa, My only complaint is the lack of support for multi-word tags. Commas would have been a better choice than spaces as a delineator.

Plaxo logoI discovered Plaxo a few years back when I was trying to consolidate and clean up a few different address books, order Celexa from United States pharmacy. It was good then, Celexa forum, and it's awesome now. With hooks into Gmail, Google Calendar, Yahoo Mail and Calendar and LinkedIn, plus a sync tool for Mac OS, Plaxo is the keystone of my personal information management, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. Recently they added a social networking suite of features called "Pulse," which makes sense, where to buy Celexa, but I have no use for it myself. Celexa pictures, I'm not sure what it does that, say, LinkedIn doesn't already handle for me, Celexa price.

Pandora logoI used to alternate pretty much equally between Pandora and Last.fm, Celexa pics, but eventually I found myself using Pandora more and more and Last.fm less and less. Pandora just picks better music. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, Last.fm is a social network, but all I'm interested in is a steady stream of good tunes. I'm sensing a pattern here, no prescription Celexa online, three apps with social networking components I don't use. Doses Celexa work, I'm an introverted person. Case in point I suppose. Last.fm uses collaborative filtering - the opinions of your friends and peers - to choose music it thinks you'll like, Celexa price, coupon. Pandora uses a proprietary algorithm based on an editorial analysis of hundreds of attributes of each song, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. What's more, Celexa recreational, Pandora learns from your own consumption of the music it plays and gets better and better.

LinkedIn logoMaybe I'm not so anti-social after all. I started using LinkedIn as a way of keeping tabs on people I worked with in the past, where can i buy Celexa online, especially as they moved and changed jobs. Buy Celexa online no prescription, Beyond that, I used it occasionally to help friends find jobs and to recruit people to work for me. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, Recently, they launched an "Answers" feature, where people post questions and the community responds. I've asked a few questions myself and gotten useful answers, Celexa interactions, and I enjoy browsing the pool of other people's questions. Celexa alternatives, Yelp logoI don't know the exact ratio of good luck to good thinking responsible for the wonderful world called Yelp, but they've managed to create something incredibly useful and utterly addictive. The various ways to connect and communicate with other people are especially engaging, Celexa dose. You can rate other people's reviews along several dimensions (useful, My Celexa experience, funny, cool) and send each other quick little compliments that are then displayed for all to see. Add talk threads, a local events calendar and a host of other useful features - all wrapped in a smart and efficient UI, Buy Celexa Without Prescription.

Wikipedia logoWikipediaMy route to Wikipedia usually begins with a Google search for some obscure tidbit of trivia, Celexa steet value. A few hyperlinks later and I'm hopelessly hooked, Celexa schedule, and I can kiss an hour of work goodbye.

google logoSpecifically Google Reader and Google Analytics. I used to use Bloglines to follow my feeds, Celexa blogs, but I switched to Google Reader because it's able to keep track of exactly what posts I've read (and not read). Buy Celexa Without Prescription, Simple as that. Buy Celexa online no prescription, As for Google Analytics, I get a darn good analytics app for free, and Google gets some data about my website and my visitors that it couldn't get any other way, Celexa overnight. Win win. Buy Celexa from canada, WordPress logoThe engine that powers this blog. It just keeps getting better and better, and it's free, Celexa no prescription. The WP community gives you help when you need it, and they're always cranking out new ways to extend the core software, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. Code is poetry indeed. Celexa use, Notably absent from my favorites are a few very popular services. People tout these all the time, and some of my friends give me dumbfounded looks when they find out I'm not a fan of.., buy Celexa no prescription.

  • Twitter - I just don't feel any need to get constant up-to-the-minute updates about anyone, Buying Celexa online over the counter, and I have no interest in keeping anyone that updated about me.
  • Facebook - I hate how Facebook forces you to spam everyone. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, Imagine ordering a cup of coffee at Starbucks and having to order drinks for everyone else in the store in order to pick yours up. I am, however, Celexa forum, totally addicted to Facebook's new Boggle-like game called Prolific.
  • Flickr - I'm actually a fan of Flickr, Celexa images, but I'm a casual and infrequent photographer at best. Also, I can't stand the pressure to come up with witty captions for everything.
  • Technorati - I use Google. Rubel was right. Enough said.
  • Last.fm - See Pandora, above.
Finally, there are a number of services that really intrigue me and have great possibilities. They are doing interesting things, adding value to the web and pushing it in the right directions, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. They just don't fulfill a frequent or persistent need of mine, so I don't have any compelling reason to use them on a regular basis.
  • Ning - New-ish venture from Netscape founder Marc Andreessen. An application platform that promises, "Create Your Own Social Network For Anything." I have friends who think it's the bomb diggity, but I've only scratched the surface of it myself.
  • Dapper - A web service that enables you to turn any website into an API. It's pretty slick, and it's tools like this that are pushing us ever closer to a truly semantic web.
  • Yahoo Pipes - This is a preview for how basic software engineering will be done in the future. Oooh the future.
  • Freebase - More semantic fun. A database of "the world's information," drawn from large open (structured) data sets.
I know this list might seem pretty random. I've failed to even mention quite a number of notable services, many of which I have used and enjoyed to some extent. They just haven't graduated to the level of the things that benefit me every day.

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